The 72 Hour Authentication of the Christ by Kelly Don Ford


In today’s world, a lot is going on in each of our lives as well as our country, and for that matter the world with the current pandemic. When a disaster strikes or a crime is committed, we have learned that the more prepared we are beforehand or right after, the sooner we act or react the better our outcome. 72 hours has become the best adaptive solution. It is the statistical time that works. Cases tend to get cold and weaken outside that parameter. We refer to them as the 72 Critical Hours. 2,000 years ago that timeframe might not have gotten much attention, but there was a Prophet who knew the value of those hours and how they would be miscounted to the point of misdirecting nations to not believe the importance of who He is and what He said. After all, He is the WORD! Go with us on a journey to uncover the truth about the 72 Critical Hours after the cross. Even though this book uses other backup books via the Bibliography, the Complete 72 hour proof is found in each and every Holy Bible on the planet. The proof is there in black and white and is stable and stands alone without backup.

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