“Hot town, summer in the city, back of my neck getting dirt and gritty” The Lovin Spoonful  1966. Some things remind us more than others. I started Navarro Jr College the Fall of 1964. When I first got to my room at Mrs Crawford’s dorm “Sitting On The Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding was playing on the local Corsicana radio station about one time every two hours. It was hot then too.  Covid or not, even now, summers seem to be getting hotter everywhere. Words like sweltering come easy to mind . To me cities seem large and looming, The image came into my head. It was vertical. I was standing. I looked up and I was lost, dizzy, I sat down. Images came. They never stop. Ever experienced writers or painters block? I haven’t. I do have regrets though. I just don’t take the needed time to write notes and draw sketches. They are still taking up room in my mind and if I live long enough they will demand a time, a sound and a voice or expression. My hot town expressed itself when I returned home and turned on the A/C in my Man Cave.  Created it up and down but as I finished it the canvas tilted over and that’s when I saw the scales pathways and a whale’s eye view. We all I guess see the world differently through our own eyes and perspectives. Thank you for being here.

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