One of the greatest obstacles to becoming a committed Christian is Christianity itself. Living a fully God-centered life is no walk in the park, and the lives of saints—the paradigm of committed Christians—will attest. Leading a Christian life is almost always involves a struggle in faith. But is the struggle worth it? The Bible reveals that faith is crucial to the lives of believers. The Christian life is a life of fighting a good fight of faith (1 Timothy 6:12). Often the skeptics will see the struggle and deter, leading to the rejection of God and faith overall. 

See, leading the Christian life begins with faith. Paul once told the Ephesians that faith is needed in every circumstance of life. Christians need faith to shield from Satan’s “flaming darts”—lies about God, doubt, and temptations. It is the devil’s goal to make us lose our faith in God, but you can grow in your faith as you fight the good fight of faith. So how do you do this? Here are four ways to strengthen your faith to help you through anything.

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